Montenegro destination for adventure
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Montenegro destination for adventure

Specialized world tour operators have ranked Montenegro among the top 40 destinations in Europe for active holidays, as one of the hottest tourist destinations in the Balkans, which has mountain and coastal tourism in its offer.


Montenegro has five national parks that represent a paradise for mountaineering and bird watching, and it also has a rich flora and fauna. There are many wild animals in the mountains of Montenegro, such as bears, eagle and wolf, which are a real rarity in Europe. Lately, a large network of mountain trails has been developed, which makes Montenegro's wild beauty accessible to fans of adventure and active tourism.

Montenegro rent a car

Car rental providers in Montenegro organize individual or group tours. Individual tour means renting a car and an on-your-own tour of mountain trails, with a written guide or accompanied by a driver from rent a car agency. In agreement with an agency, a group tour with a driver of the agency can be organized in a specialized rent a car vehicles for mountain terrain and during one or more days you are able to visit interesting mountain destinations with a visit to a large number of Montenegrin ethno villages.

Most attractive mountain

The two recommended and most attractive mountain tours are: the costal transversal (Orjen-Lovćen-Rumija, 182 km long) and the Montenegrin Mountain Hiking transversal (from the Lake Bukumir, through the mountain pass Trešnjevik, Bjelasica, Sinjajevina Plateau, all the way to Durmitor – 164 km long). Rent a car can be arranged also connecting the coastal and mountain tour and in this case it is necessary to rent a vehicle for several days.

Tara Canyon

It is highly recommended to visit the Tara Canyon which is under the protection of UNESCO. It is 1300 m deep, which makes it the longest canyon in Europe. If you decide to visit the Tara Canyon, don’t miss unforgettable adventures such as rafting the Tara River and visiting the Nevidio Canyon. Rafting offer in Montenegro is a very developed and affordable.

Rental cars Montenegro

Rent a car agencies in Montenegro offer vehicles for this purpose, such as jeeps and vans. Drivers from car rental agencies are experienced and provide safe driving sightseeing and visiting extraordinary destinations. Car rental prices are affordable and the offer of a vehicle is diverse. Car rentals can be rented almost throughout the whole territory of Montenegro, in cities such as Podgorica, Budva, Tivat, Kolašin...

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